"Building Towards Butler County's Future"

Union Centre Boulevard Interchange
Construction of the new I-75/Union Centre Boulevard interchange was completed in eight months. The interchange opened for traffic in December 1997.

A unique quality of the TID is its ability to partner with private developers and businesses. The Union Centre project benefited from the collaboration of both the TID and private business.

When it became clear that both the private sector and the TID could work together to improve public roads, the TID brought all the interested parties to the table to propose improvements. More than $6 million was contributed from private sources to help construct the improvements to Union Centre. Making sure that smooth access to Union Centre was available to the public was so important to private developers that they decided to build one of the legs of Union Centre Boulevard to the interchange.

In West Chester Township, 3,000 acres were available for the commercial development of shops, restaurants, office space, hotels and much more. The land was underutilized until the TID's planned construction of the Union Centre Boulevard Interchange created access to I-75 and the existing acreage. The project also relieves congestion around I-275 and State Route 747, and I-275 and State Route 4.

Economic Growth
With the interchange complete, easy access to I-75 is bringing new business into the area. Union Centre commercial development is expected to bring an estimated 21,000 new jobs. Before the planned improvements of I-75, businesses were looking elsewhere for locations. Now, because of the interchange and improvements to the highway, businesses are moving into Union Centre, bringing a boom of economic growth.

Since the opening of the interchange, West Chester has seen more than $700 million in investments, 7 million square feet of space and the creation or retention of more than 5,000 jobs.

Dedication Ceremony - November 25, 1997
Over 600 people gathered over I-75 to celebrate the dedication of the new Union Centre Boulevard I-75 Interchange.
Mike Fox, former Butler County Commissioner and former TID Board of Trustees.
Former Governor George Voinovich was the featured speaker at the ribbon cutting.
Former Governor Voinovich meets with guests after the Union Centre ribbon cutting.
Project Funding
West Chester Township $ 9,916,665.56
Butler County $ 6,870,000.00
City of Fairfield $ 155,143.49
Miscellaneous $ 6,563.86
Private Sector Funding $ 7,050,000.00
Total $ 23,998,373.00
Schumacher Dugan Construction contributed approximately $6 million to the project in right-of-way and construction services.
On August 10, 1997, crews began laying the steel beams for the bridge over I-75. Between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., traffic was rerouted over the new exit and entrance ramps. This new method of traffic management during bridge construction was very successful. It allowed maximum efficiency for construction crews. More importantly, it was the safest alternative for I-75 drivers. Expected to take four weeks, this part of the project was finished in only eight nights.



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