"Building Towards Butler County's Future"

Past Projects
State Route 129 (formerly known as "The Michael A. Fox Highway") is the largest and the most visible of our TID projects. However, no one road is sufficient to bring about the economic development and safety benefits our community seeks, and that is why the TID is continually working to develop a better system of roads in the area.

Over the past several years, the TID has opened the Union Centre Extension (formerly Symmes Road Extension) from State Route 747 to Seward Road. The surrounding parcels have already seen developments starting to take place with additional plans in place for additional buildings. The TID also completed the Princeton Road at State Route Bypass 4 widening projectin Fairfield Township. The area has seen Walmart and Home Depot open recently with increased traffic at the intersection.
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Liberty Interchange

State Route 129

State Route 4 Bypass Widening

Union Centre Boulevard

Union Centre Boulevard Interchange

Muhlhauser Road

Union Centre Boulevard Extension

State Route 747

Bypass 4 / Route 4 & Creekside Drive

Princeton Road at Bypass 4 / Route 4

West Chester Road




Last Updated: November 3, 2008