"Building Towards Butler County's Future"

Union Centre Boulevard Extension
This project extends Union Centre Boulevard from State Route 747 to Seward Road. This extension links a major Butler County east-west road to new developments in West Chester Township. It also opens up approximately 600 acres for future economic investments. This extension will help alleviate traffic congestion and provide an additional link to I-75. The Union Centre Boulevard extension opened to traffic on December 10, 2001.

A groundbreaking celebration was held February 16, 2001 to kick off this much anticipated extension. Construction began in February 2001 and opened on December 10, 2001. John R. Jurgensen won the construction contract with the lowest and most responsive bid of $7,120,453.78.

Pictures of the Union Centre Boulevard Extension Grand Opening are available below.

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TID Opens Another Major Link
On December 10, 2001, the Union Centre Boulevard Extension finally opened with another TID ceremony. The opening was sponsored by the main contractors and developers involved. With over 600 acres primed for development opened by the extension there now exists the potential for unlimited commerce. The opening featured several key speakers and brought out the community in a large number.
The first speaker was current TID Board Vice-Chairman, Jim Blount. Mr. Blount stressed the point that a joint effort was made by the different governments and developers to help make this road a reality. The City of Fairfield has been in need of a direct connection to Interstate 75 and with the road that now becomes a reality. Another speaker was the Butler County Engineer Greg Wilkens. Mr. Wilkens made the point that the extension not only helps our current economic situation but will create jobs for many generations. He, along with Commissioner Mike Fox, stressed the need for continued support of the TID and joint efforts by all Butler County communities to keep the infrastructure improvements going. Mr. Wilkens talked about projects such as State Route 63, the improvements to the regional airport and ByPass State Route 4 improvements as areas of concern for the community.
After all the speakers were finished the main contributors as well as TID Board Members proceed to cut the ribbon on the extension and prepare it for the first cars to officially drive from Seward Road to State Route 747. With the extension open, Fairfield residents and workers, as well those traveling to Fairfield, can reach the Interstate within minutes. The extension should also help alleviate traffic on both State Route 747 and State Route 4 as now people have another access to the highway system.


Last Updated: November 3, 2008