"Building Towards Butler County's Future"

History of the Michael A. Fox Highway
When construction began on I-75 in Butler County, Hamilton and Butler County officials petitioned the State to locate an interchange at Princeton Road (Ohio 129) for direct access to Hamilton. No interchange was built at that location.
December 1968
In November 1968, voters approved an Ohio highway bond issue (Issue 1). Hamilton City Council informed the State that a connection to the interstate system was Hamilton's top priority when the new state funding was available. Butler County Commissioners joined Hamilton leaders in the appeal to the State in December.
April 29, 1970
The project was announced by Governor James A. Rhodes at a conference in Butler County. Rhodes said construction would begin in 2 1/2years, and the entire project would cost $28.6 million. Rhodes predicted that "the proposed interstate spur will open vast industrial areas in Butler and Warren counties."
May 1972
Public hearing held on proposed corridor in Warren and Butler counties. Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) were conducted in the mid-1970s.
The corridor for the Michael A. Fox Highway was journalized by the Butler County Engineer. Cost estimate was $34.7 million for the entire project.
To demonstrate area concern, local and county governments (Butler and Warren counties) contributed funds toward preliminary engineering when the lack of state funds threatened to kill the project.
May 12, 1981
Contract awarded to KZF to complete EIS. Federal Funds accounted for 75 percent and local funds accounted for 25 percent. (Local costs were shared by Butler County, Warren County and the City of Hamilton.)
May 1988
Decision made to terminate the project at I-75. Revisions were made to EIS regarding traffic. City of Hamilton and Butler County agreed to continue study using 100 percent local funds.
Revisions to Federal guidelines regarding Wetlands, Sole Source Aquifers, Archaeological Sites, and Hazardous Waste required revisions to all above-mentioned studies.
June 30, 1993
The Ohio General Assembly established the Transportation Improvement District program under House Bill 154 and Ohio revised Code Section 5540.02.
September 1993
Public hearing held on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.
December 7, 1993
Butler County Commissioners authorized creation of the Butler County TID.
October 18, 1994
Final Environmental Impact Statement, which recommended the relocation alternative (instead of the upgrade to existing State Route 129), was approved by the Federal Highway Administration. A record of decision was issued on March 27, 1995. The Michael A. Fox Highway is the first innovative financing project approved by the Federal Highway Administration in the nation.
September 1995
Butler County TID assumed control of engineering design contracts and expedited both the detail design and the acquisition of the right-of-way.
September 15, 1996
TID receives first SIB loan in the nation for $10 million.
October 11, 1996
The Ohio Department of Transportation and the TID signs the lease agreement for the Michael A. Fox Highway. Under this lease agreement, ODOT agreed to pay for the construction costs of the highway, and the TID agreed to maintain the highway for 20 years and complete much-needed improvements to local roads. The improvements included the construction of the Union Centre Interchange, the widening of State Route 747, and the extension and widening of Muhlhauser Road.
January 15, 1997
TID receives the second SIB loan in the nation for $10 million.
May 29, 1997
TID receives its third SIB loan for $15 million.
June 1997
Construction began on Liberty Towne Centre, a portion of the Cincinnati-Dayton Road interchange.
October 30, 1997
The sale of $158.5 million in Butler County Transportation Improvement District Highway Improvement Bonds, Series 1997-A, was authorized by the TID Board of Trustees. The bond issuance will pay for the construction of the Michael A. Fox Highway.
November 6, 1997
The TID is the first entity in the nation to repay SIB loans.
December 1997
TID receives 401 water quality certification permit from OEPA.
January 1998
TID received 404 permit from Army Corps of Engineers. EIS Reevaluation approved by the Federal Highway Administration.
February 20, 1998
Pre-bid meeting held for contractors.
April 24, 1998
Construction bids were opened.
May 4, 1998
Kokosing Construction was awarded the contract for the Michael A. Fox Highway, and M.E. Companies and Resource International joined the construction team.
May 15, 1998
Groundbreaking celebration for the Michael A. Fox Highway. And the TID Board of Trustees passed a resolution authorizing the study of tolls to pay for the TID's obligations outlined in the lease agreement with ODOT.
August 17, 1998
The TID Board of Trustees passed a resolution to place tolls on the Michael A. Fox Highway to pay for the TID's obligations outlined in the lease agreement with ODOT
June 14, 1999
The TID announced a new agreement with ODOT which removes tolls from the Michael A. Fox Highway. Under the new agreement, ODOT agrees to maintain the highway and relinquish the TID of its obligations.
December 13, 1999
The TID opens the Michael A. Fox Highway from I-75 to Hamilton


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