"Building Towards Butler County's Future"

State Route 129
The Michael A. Fox Highway is a four-lane, limited-access, divided highway connecting the city of Hamilton to I-75 through Fairfield and Liberty townships.

This 10.7 mile project begins at the former State Route 129/State Route 4 intersection in Hamilton and runs east between Princeton and Hamilton-Mason roads. Interchanges are located where the highway meets I-75, and at Bypass 4, State Route 747 and Cincinnati-Dayton Road.

Construction of this long-awaited highway began in May 1998. And, with only 19 months of construction, the highway opened December 13, 1999 - eight months ahead of schedule. Excellent team work and great weather helped ensure the success of the project. Route 4 to Hampshire Drive, in Hamilton, and Cincinnati-Dayton Road to I-75 opened in October 1999.

Past and present Board members contributed to the creation of the Michael A. Fox Highway. They are memorialized at the Wetlands Park on the rock. The rock is a symbol of their hard work and dedication in getting the Michael A. Fox Highway built.
The highway has been a huge success. And not only with Butler County residents, but also with construction colleagues around the U.S. The highway has won all kinds of awards including:
* The Globe Award from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association for excellence in environmental protection and mitigation.
* The Excellence in Concrete Paving Award from the American Concrete Paving Association in the category of municipal streets and intersections greater than 30,000 square yards.
* The 2000 "Build America Award" from the Associated General Contractors of America for the best new highway in the nation.
* The 2000 Quality in Construction Award from the National Asphalt Paving Association.
* The 2000 "Donald C. Schramm Award" from the American Society of Highway Engineers - TRIKO Valley Section for transportation improvement in the over two million dollar category.
* The International Road Federation's 2000 Global Road Achievement Award for innovation of construction methodology practices.
* The 1999 Excellence in Paving Award from the Ohio/Kentucky Chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association
* The 1999 Quality Award for Asphalt Paving from Flexible Pavements Inc. for achieving the highest quality in asphalt paving.
* An Engineering Excellence Award from the Consulting Engineers Counsel of Ohio for project management and construction management.

Thanks to remarkable teamwork, dedication, and a united goal of producing a top-quality highway, the TID and its contractors have been tremendously successful.
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Last Updated: November 3, 2008